When can I expect my purchase to arrive?

Right after checking out, our fulfilment team gets notified and immediately gather your items.

Order verification is within 24 hours. 

Order picking and packing within 2 days.

We usually ship them out within 3-5 business days.

Now, there are times that if you ordered more than 1 item that you may receive them separately. Why? This is because we have various warehouse locations across the globe to better handle the demand and to improve shipping for better rates. We usually work with your local postal service. All these savings are passed on to you.

All products are expected to be delivered anywhere from 10-25 business days. You should receive a confirmation email with a tracking number within 24 hours after checkout and if you don't, please contact us immediately.

*** For bigger items like STROLLERS (heavier than 2KG) etc, shipping time takes longer for logistically issues, please contact for shipping time. 

Does the checkout price include additional taxes and/or customs etc?

Unfortunately, they don't. In some cases, products from outside of your home country require additional taxes, such as import taxes and customs, to be paid. This depends on the product and destination country. Also, domestic taxes may apply in different scenarios.

Any and all such taxes will be under the responsibility of the customer only, and Early Things Co. will not be held responsible for these. 

Are refunds available?

Yes. If you are not 100% satisfied in any way shape or form of your purchase we will issue you a refund. 

If you do receive a damaged product, please send us a photo of the damaged part so we can address these issues and continually improve our process to provide the best quality products and services.

Please take note that this refund is only up to 30 days after the item has been delivered. Please sign up here for refunds. 

Please take note that product registration is required for a refund.


How can I activate my limited lifetime warranty?

You can activate your limited lifetime warranty by entering your information in here.